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Welcome to the Loving and Lasting Membership Program!

Extraordinary relationships and marriages don’t just happen – they’re created. And part of creating a loving and lasting relationship is keeping the sensual pleasure and erotic connection alive. But how does a couple keep the passion alive week after week, month after month, year after year?

What do you do when:

  • Foreplay turns into boreplay
  • You love your spouse, but you’re not feeling the spark and sizzle you used to have
  • You want answers to your sex questions but are not comfortable asking your doctor or your best friend
  • You want to create more excitement in the bedroom, but you don’t know how to start the conversation with your partner

The Loving and Lasting Membership Program will help you have a deeply loving and sexually satisfying relationship with your sweetheart – forever!

It’s your own personal, reliable, consistent, secure, private, supportive and tasteful place to get answers and solutions to your sex questions from a trusted resource – from someone who has been in a 28-year relationship and understands the long-term love journey!

Through the private and secure Loving and Lasting Membership Program, Ande Lyons – your trusted resource in the love and sex arena – brings you the best tips, tools and resources to help you keep the passion and erotic connection alive in your relationship.


  • Reigniting desire and feeling sexy again
  • Feeling turned on by your spouse as much as they are turned on by you
  • Discovering what excites you and turns you on
  • Loving your body no matter what shape, age or size you are
  • Enjoying intimate, satisfying, deeply connected and meaningful sex with your sweetheart
  • Creating delicious anticipation with foreplay techniques
  • Lying side by side in the glow of the best sex you’ve had – ever
  • Designing playful romps and fantasy adventures… perfect for you and your lover.

Are you ready to get tuned in and turned on again – with your Beloved Self and your Beloved Partner?

Join Ande every month as she tastefully, playfully and privately brings you the best advice so you can have a vibrant, loving, connected, intimate and yes… sexually satisfying relationship. Plus, Ande saves you hours of time and effort by carefully curating high quality information for you.

By joining the Loving and Lasting Membership Program you are saying YES… I want a more exciting, connected, intimate, loving and fully expressed sex life! You can actively participate in discussions or quietly and anonymously observe and learn what you need to know.

Every month your Loving and Lasting Membership Program provides:

  • An exclusive video training – Ande interviews a Love Expert who provides the details you’re dying to know but may be too shy to ask
  • An informative and “inspirational” monthly podcast message from Ande providing solutions and advice to help you keep the fires burning and the passion alive
  • A free erotic romance novel from a best-selling author
  • An “Ask the Expert” teleconference call with Ande and a Love Expert available to answer your questions
  • Exclusive access to a private Loving and Lasting Members Only Facebook group for those who want to continue the conversations and learn from each other in a safe, heart centered space where you are honored and embraced
  • Special Members-Only pricing and discounts on products and services

When you join the Loving and Lasting Membership Program you will automatically receive a FREE copy of Ande’s best-selling ebook Loving and Lasting: How to Stay Tuned In and Turned On in Your Marriage and a copy of Ande’s Six Sizzling Sexy Tips So You Can Have Great Sex TONIGHT!

Yes, Ande, I want to join the Loving and Lasting Membership Program and receive your monthly package filled with the best love and sex advice! Please bill my credit card via PayPal for my membership of $17 per month. I understand that I may cancel at any time. (Terms & Conditions) Please Remember: All credit card subscriptions are automatically rebilled until you choose to unsubscribe.

You can have great sex with the body you have, the partner you have and the circumstances you have. Join the Loving and Lasting Membership Program… and Ande will help you find out how!

“Pleasure is the ‘glue’ in long-term relationships, and the greater the pleasure, the happier the couple.”
                              ~ Betony Vernon, The Boudoir Bible

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