Love Notes – Bring Back Desire

“Ande Lyons is a bright star who shines her light on all that come into her sphere. She understands that sexuality, passion, and pleasure are the keys to living and loving well, and it is her mission to make sure that we are buoyed with information to do just that. I highly recommend getting your monthly, weekly or daily dose!”

Blair Glaser, Psychotherapist, Relationship Expert, Leadership Mentor

“There is wild and there is wonderful. Ande Lyons is both. An amazing resource of pleasure, life and the living of both, she is a gift to us all. Her humor, energy and intellect lights up every conversation she brings to the table. A consummate professional, she entertains as she informs, holding nothing back, she is the encyclopedia of pleasure. But what I adore most about Ande, is how she holds us up, supports us in our quest for pleasure and information. Ande is priceless and so is the information she shares with us.”

Tammy Bleck, Speaker, Blogger, Ghostwriter, Serial Entrepreneur

“Not only does Ande give great information about how to create an exciting and passionate relationship, but she carefully selects her guests to make sure they have the best information, too. Her whole show is so helpful.”

Aaron Anderson, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and owner of…
The Marriage and Family Clinic in Denver, Colorado

“Ande has a true passion for finding and sharing the very best advice and tips out there for helping everyone cultivate loving, connected, and joy-filled relationships. And her enthusiasm for love is deliciously contagious!”

Mali Apple and Joe Dunn, Relationship Coaches, Lovers, Best Friends, and Co-authors of the Award-winning book…
The Soulmate Experience: A Practical Guide to Creating Extraordinary Relationships

“There is something so special how Ande is able to get the best out of those she interviews. Her fun and vibrant personality exudes her love and passion for those she helps. If you are looking to have a loving and lasting relationship you need to tune into Ande every way you can.”

Tony & Alisa DiLorenzo, Co-hosts of the Top Marriage Podcast on iTunes…
ONE Extraordinary Marriage Show

“I’ve increased the frequency of kisses since watching your show, and came to understand how important it was to be more passionate.”

Chef Dennis Littley
A Culinary Journey with Chef Dennis

“Ande Lyons is a brilliant, creative, wise woman dedicated to bringing us back to our deepest pleasure. Bring Back Desire is the BEST resource on the planet right now for what turns us on! She not only does all the research for us, but takes the time to interview the professionals in the field, so that it is oh-so-easy to tune in and get turned on again. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to sift through thousands of books to find the best erotica or thousands of experts to find the ones with the most integrity! Ande has done it all for us! And I, among hundreds of others, are very grateful!”

Robyn Vogel, Psychotherapist,Tantric Intimacy, Sex Coach and Founder of…
Sacred Tantric Fire

“As a woman who knows my value and is committed to staying tuned in and turned on (for my sake, as well as that of my partners), I have immeasurable trust in Ande’s ability to carefully curate and provide the best tips, tools and resources for passion, intimacy and love. She is a Rockstar, to be sure!”

Alice Badler, Author

“Thanks so much again for having us on your show. You are an amazing radio host! We have been on many shows and let us tell you…the host makes the biggest difference. If you ever want us back, just let us know!”

Drs. Chuck and Jo-Ann Bird, Relationship Counselors and Board-Certified Clinical Sexologists

“Ande, has an amazingly genuine heart. Her words uplift all those under the sound of her voice. She personifies wholeness, confidence and captivating grace. Ande’s groundbreaking work in the area of self-love has helped so many of my private clients expand in their self-concept, and develop the habit of compassionate self-care. Ande is a gem, a generous spirit and an authentic soul. It is an honor to know and deeply admire her.”

Shannon Yvette Tanner, Writer, Author of “Worthy,” Speaker

“I thoroughly enjoy working with Ande. Her sense of humor and rich feminine wisdom always delight me, and she sincerely takes pleasure in getting helpful information to others.”

Dr. Marianne Brandon, Clinical Psychologist, Sex Therapist, Author

“Ande Lyons offers a voice of hope for couples who want to see their love last; to grow in depth and keep the flame of romance alive. While most of our industry focuses on finding ‘the one,’ few experts help us nourish the love we have. Ande’s cutting-edge information on passion and sensual awareness fuels the flames of desire and it assists couples in attaining the fullest expression of the love they share.”

Susan Winter– Best-Selling Author/Relationship Expert

“Ande is enthusiastic, intelligent, wise and sassy, and she is dedicated to bringing to couples everything they need to have the great sex life that they deserve and desire. Her list of guests on the show is vast, and she covers everything from how to stay tuned in to how to stay turned on. As a marriage coach, it’s my business to know about sexuality, and my go to person is Ande Lyons, and her fabulous repertoire of guests and archives. Hoorah for Ande I say!!!”

Marian Meade – Founder, Marriage Minded Coaching

“Thank you again for having me on Loving & Lasting. It was an absolute pleasure—you present your show with passion, warmth and openness and I feel truly fortunate to be a part of it.”

Felice Fox, Best-Selling Author, Sexting Expert

“Ande Lyons is pure sunshine! She makes enhancing your intimate relationships as sparkly and passion-filled as it should be.”

August McLaughlin, health and sexuality writer, activist and host of Girl Boner Radio