How To Turn Your Bedroom Into a Romantic Island Getaway!

November 24, 2012 By Ande

Car idling by the curb on a cold January afternoon. Heater on high, you watch for her red backpack. As you wait for your treasure to burst from school, you’re lost in a delicious daydream. In it, you and your husband have flown to a Caribbean island.

As you walk into the lobby of your luxurious beachfront hotel, warm smiles and cold champagne welcome you to paradise! For once, the two of you are all alone. The days and nights ahead will be filled with massages for two, candlelight dinners, dancing under the stars, playing in the ocean, breakfasts in bed, and lots of… sex!

Sure, with careers and kids… you’re just too busy and… admit it, a bit too broke for that 7-day paradisaical getaway. But that just means you need another plan! As we all know, necessity is the mother of… imagination. When you’re hungry for romance and undisturbed hot sex, but way short on first class plane tickets and white sandy beaches… it’s time to turn your bedroom into a romantic, erotic, tropical oasis!

As the car door slams shut the daydream dissolves… but only for a few more hours. You can’t wait for… tonight!

How can you create a romantic oasis in your bedroom? Start by covering up any TV with a beautiful scarf or shawl. Next, remove all electronic communication devices… not necessarily all electronic devices. Personal electronics can add a lot of fun, so order them ahead of time at Love Box Boutique, my favorite purveyor of grown-up products.

Turn the lights down low… and light up a fragrant candle. Turn on your favorite romantic music. Soft jazz can be just wonderful. Massage oil is great too – make sure to warm it! Sensual food and beverages should be prepared in advance. You’re not leaving for awhile! A glass of wine is perfect.

Now it’s time for a few bedtime stories, and I’m not talking about Good Night Moon. BringBackDesire has a terrific list of carefully curated erotic stories. Buy a few… they will put real heat back into your sex life faster than anything else!

If you have kids, it’s time to put them to bed… or rent them a really long movie. Lock your bedroom door. Not one hundred percent sure of the lock? Put a chair under the door handle (hey, I’m a Mother – I can imagine kids picking locks, ok?!)

All is ready, the ambiance, erotic bedtime story inspiration, a secure comfortable environment… and you haven’t maxed out a single credit card! Time for fun!

What else would you add to create a budget-friendly romantic getaway? Please share – I’ll add your ideas to the list!

© 2012 Ande Lyons, Bring Back Desire LLC

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