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Welcome to our Theme Rooms, where you’ll quickly find the perfect stories to amplify your mood and imagination!  Our May We Help You? Theme Room provides you with all the enhancing products to add an ‘oh my’ to your ‘sigh.’  To purchase a book or product, just click on the book cover or product image, and you’ll be taken to the purchase location.  Thanks so much for visiting!

Light erotica stories for toe tingling reading; highly erotic stories for the most daring adventures of private imagination; ménage à trois stories deliver sublime satisfaction of the deepest nature; submission and domination stories deliver what’s really needed (and richly deserved); paranormal erotica transcends ordinary experience and opens the mind to mind blowing possibilities… and a seventh room carrying the world’s best adult toys, lingerie, lubricants, gels and playthings to make your erotic journey more satisfying and complete.  Bon Voyage!

I Blush Easily
The perfect place for first timers to dip their toes into erotic reading and other self loving adventures. These delicious stories will help you let go and get some pure satisfaction. Explore
  Too Hot to Handle These contemporary and historical theme stories are so hot, flames have been known to flare from the pages and hand-held electronic devices! Explore
Who’s the Boss? Where you can let go of control or take over the show. Grab the scarves, collars, handcuffs and whips… you’ll need them! Explore   The More the Merrier Is it time to start dealing some serious passionate moments? These stories show you how a full house wins every time! Explore
Nighty Night
These highly erotic bedtime short stories will quickly take you ‘there.’ Recommended for those occasions when one-handed reading is required! Explore
  Out of This World Bring your vivid imagination and prepare for a fantastical trip to places and creatures beyond your wildest dreams. Explore
May We Help You?
Need a little assistance for a more satisfying ride? Try these products to add the ‘oh my and sigh’ to your intimate moment! Explore
  Love My Lingerie


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