After Dark Radio Show: Trailblazing Pathways to Love with Deb Dutilh and Jasmine Haynes

August 3, 2012 By Ande

In our first half hour we heard from Deb Dutilh (dew-teal) who shared how a lack of communication is one of the main reasons couples break-up and the source of so many misunderstandings between people. Deb is on a heartfelt mission to provide you with the tools, insights and resources to help you experience a Trailblazing Relationship you desire and deserve.

I really enjoyed learning about  Deb’s special Compatibility Index, designed to measure a person’s energy levels and pinpoint what is keeping them from having their ultimate fulfilling relationship. This is one of the most fascinating modalities I’ve heard about – you definitely want to check it out.

Deb is providing After Dark Listeners a generous offer on her services:

· A discount on the Compatibility Index and 60-minute Debrief — $129 instead of $159.

· For couples, the normal price is $350 for two Compatibility Indexes and a 90 minute debrief together and the discounted price is $280.

· $150 discount on coaching packages

· Complimentary Consultations

Here’s HOW to get discounts: contact Deb via her website or by email at Just mention Bring Back Desire for your discount! Thank you so much Deb for this terrific opportunity to work with you!

In our second half hour things got very exciting as we shared sizzling and trailblazing conversations with bestselling author Jasmine Haynes. With over 30 classy, erotic romance tales under her tiara, Jasmine shared her inspiration for writing her sensational stories. She also told us about her newest West Coast series and Reincarnation Tales.

Some listeners may know Jasmine from her other pen names, the award-winning Max Starr psychic mystery series, and Jennifer Skully, poignant tales peopled with hilarious characters that will make you laugh and make you cry. Jasmine has just signed a two-book contract with Berkley Heat, so look for more in the vein of her recent novel, The Principal’s Office, coming soon.

What I especially loved about our time with Jasmine was learning how lively, engaging, and charming she is… and her own tips for a lasting, loving relationship. She’s been with her Darling Man for over 28 years!!

Jasmine has TWO free stories waiting for you to download: Beauty and the Bitch (I LOVED this sweet, endearing and oh so hot tale!) and She’s Gotta Be Mine writing as Jennifer Skully. Happy reading!!!

You can follow Jasmine on Twitter @jasminehaynes1,  Facebook, and over at Goodreads.  To delve deeper into Jasmine’s world, hop on over to where you’ll find excerpts and ordering links for her books. While you’re there, sing up to follow her blog at… because you don’t want to miss any of her announcements!

I’m crazy about Jasmine’s erotic romance stories – she really knows how to trailblaze into the land of fantasy… so be sure to have your fans and water handy!

Thank you for joining me for another informative, entertaining and arousing conversation… savored best After Dark!

Pssst… After Dark is intended for Mature Audiences only… and is not suitable for work… yay!