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Warning: you may start feeling a heightened interest while reviewing the site! Bring Back Desire offers the best (and hottest!) erotic literature reviews and the ability to instantly purchase an eBook or a traditional paperback.

The fabulous array of toys, lubricants, gels, and how-to books all assist in getting you “out of your head and back into bed.” We chose erotic and erotic romance literature as the foundation for this website because the authors and stories we curate provide delicious examples of how really great sex can look and feel… and how fantasies can emotionally arouse you in a way that gets sex on your brain fast.

These hot stories will remind you why you like sex and why being erotically connected with your beloved self and your beloved partner deepens the love, intimacy and pleasure in your life.

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Go ahead, take a peek – you’ll forget your hectic day and find sensational fantasies to add to your own playful, intimate moments. Laugh out loud while reading The Desire Blog or watching the video series, The Daily Quickie, where we bring you terrific tips for romance and sensual pleasure, product reviews, and Love Experts’ advice on how you can reignite your passion and desire.  (Did you know the older you get, the better it gets?!)

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