The Tantra Chair

Ocean View Linen Tantra ChairI’m so excited to share with you a unique product I’m confident will add a very special dimensionto your lovemaking experience!

It’s called The Tantra Chair, and it’s an ultra modern, beautiful, luxurious chaise lounge… ergonomically designed to insure your sensual moments are more comfortablemore stimulating… and more loving.

The Tantra Chair maximizes physical intimacy between you and your lover and amplifies sensual pleasure. It’s like you’re in a sexual and spiritual sanctuary leaving you firmly … and completely… tuned in and turned on to each other.

Whether you’re a young and adventurous couple or a seasoned pair looking to rekindle your passion… The Tantra Chair will intensify your lovemaking experience on every level: more pleasure, more passion… and a more profound appreciation for your beloved partner.

Maybe you’re wondering if you have to practice Tantra or Tantric Sex to enjoy the Tantra Chair? Heck no! It’s all about you and your lover creating the most pleasure and intimacy possible.

And no, you don’t have to be a fitness buff either! In fact, this chair is especially wonderful if you have any physical limitations because it makes it easier to slide into those awesome and rewarding love making positions.

Tantra Chair Sun RoomThe creators of The Tantra Chair have put together some beautiful, tasteful and enjoyable videos to help you appreciate the variety of positions you can try on your Tantra Chair. (You’ll lovethe background music, too!)

Even the way you buy The Tantra Chair is a customized, personal experience. They give you beautiful options for the materials you want in your chair… you can look at multiple views of your chair on-line from various angles… and you get to select the covering materials that best match your design and aesthetic sensibilities.

Intrigued? Well, you should be! This product is about pure pleasure. Please take a few minutes and visit… watch the videos… and imagine how you and your sweetheart might enjoy this fabulous indulgence.

Remember what they say, it’s not the destination that counts, but the journey. The Tantra Chair is definitely all about intensifying the sensual and spiritual journey of lovemaking!

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