Sext-ual Attraction

Sextual Attraction - lips

Guest Post by Kitt Cresendo What do you think of when you hear the word “Sexting?” I can almost bet that the image that crossed your mind was negative…possibly even related directly to a fairly recent political or athletic scandal. What a shame! Here’s the reality. Technology can be a scary thing…. Used for the […]

Naughty Nipple Love

Naughty Nipple Love

Guest Post by Dr. Sadie Allison Oh, the nipples—those two little areas on everyone’s body that can cause quite a big sensation. Not only do they have the capacity to cause immense pleasure, but it seems like someone’s are always causing controversy. Case in point: Ten years have gone by and people are still talking about Janet […]

How to Have a Valentine’s Day You Love

Be My Valentine

Ready for the happiest Valentine’s Day of your life? Here’s The Secret! Valentine’s Day is full of fun and happiness, right? Not exactly. In reality, it’s a challenging time for most couples. This love on-demand holiday generally leaves couples feeling inadequate and/or disappointed. How ironic! Things can be even darker for those flying solo… singles […]

Exercise Your Way to Sensational Sex!


“Sex without love is merely healthy exercise.” ~ Robert Heinlein Guess what can increase sexual stamina and ignite the libido? You’re right – EXERCISE! I know, one more person praising the almighty exercise idol. But at least this time it’s for a really, really good cause – better sex! Exercise quickly gets us tuned in […]

Why You Need to Explore Pleasure Toys for Your Love Life

Toys Are Fun

Guest post by Drs. Chuck and Jo-Ann Bird We love going to Toys R Us and other toy stores, because the displays are just amazingly vibrant — all the counters and walls are draped with these bright, blazing primary colors with packages designed to capture the eye and hold your attention. For us, it’s also […]

Five Great Ways To Stay Tuned In and Turned On During the Holiday Season!

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Holidays are terrific fun, but stressful too. Even the best relationships are tested! What can you do to make sure your Holiday Season remains a time of harmony, peace on earth… and goodwill toward lovers? Here are five proven ways to stay tuned in and turned on with your Sweetheart/Lover/Partner! Connect every morning “If you stop […]

For the Love of Spanking! 6 Essential Erotic Spanking Guidelines

Erotic Spanking

Erotic spanking is a common sexual fantasy for men and women alike… and it’s a bedroom activity that can be physically and emotionally stimulating! Spanking is often part of an erotic power exchange, where one partner dominates the submissive partner. Apart from power dynamics, many people enjoy erotic spanking simply because it feels good. A […]

10 Female Turn-Ons to Send Her Reeling!

10 Female Turn Ons

Guest post by August McLaughlin  “Only the united beat of sex and heart together can create ecstasy.” — Anaïs Nin, Delta of Venus Throughout history, female sexual desire has been misunderstood. We’ve been taught that women are less sexual than men for ages, and that evolution underlies men’s urge to “spread their seed” and women’s desire for fewer […]

4 Seductive Ways to Go from “Just Mom” to “Sexy Mama”

4 Seductive Ways to Go from “Just Mom” to “Sexy Mama”

Guest Post by Marisa Goudy You’re too young not to be getting any, but you’re usually too tired and overextended to care. It’s the curse of parents with young kids. The fact that the second or third babies get implanted at all is often a private joke: “Hey, sweetie, remember the wild night we made […]

Pleasure Partnerships and Helping Hands

Pleasure Partnerships and Helping Hands

Guest Post by Kitt Crescendo The famous painter, Salvador Dali, once said “I am going to my room to masturbate before a light lunch, if you would like to come and watch.” To be fair, I’m not exactly sure why he said this or even who he might have been making the offer to, but […]

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